Day 3 – Worcester Swan
I thought I’d played this venue, but I’d not. I’ve been to Worcester before, when Danny Pensive went in search of Worcester sauce, and found none. Another good show, but not a match for the epic night in Bury which has set the benchmark for the run. We did get a Darth Vader tonight, which was pretty cool, as not everyone can be a sith lord, you need to be over 3 foot 6.

Day 4 – Stratford Upon Avon
No show today, but we thought it better to go halfway and stay in Shakespeare country, but we didn’t get that far before stopping for a brown sign and banner trumpetting ‘Ragley Hall Falconry Fair – Today!’  Had no idea  what to expect, apart form birds, but as we drove up the drive to the big stately home and got hassled by a man for eleven quid each we suddenly found ourselves deep in the countryside and one massive fete. Bald eagles, owls, vultures, kestrels you name it they had it, and also dogs, and more dogs and guns, and dogs and hunting dogs and more guns, and er…huntsmen with jodpurs and riding crops, and guns, and huntsmen round the back of tents whipping their spaniels, and dogs and a man on a microphone telling us about the hunt and the goverment , and soldiers. And everyone is cheering….and….oh fuck. I’m at a pro hunting rally? I’m at a pro hunting rally, as Danny Pensive – with coat on in the blistering sun – recording everything on my phone. I’m surprised I didn’t get hassle, but they clearly didn’t like it. I don’t thing it really was a rally, as all the falconry stuff was aces, loads of birds and demonstrations of them doing there  thing, I think we just showed up at the wrong time. Very much people from the countryside, doing their thing.Rocked up to the guest house late and they had wifi with a strong enough signal to watch Doctor Who. Hurray.

Day 5 – Dunstable
I’m so glad we didn’t come here a day early. The theatre looks great, and modern, but when the asda across the road only stocks it’s own ‘smart price’ brand for everything, you have to wonder about the town. Not sure on number for tonight but and already excited for tomorrow, not the 5 hour drive, but the Tyne Theatre in Newcastle. It’s is a venue I’ve always wanted to play.