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SFX Blog – Everybody Needs Good Androids


“Androids, everybody needs good androids”. Not mobile phones, but the theme tune of Androids, theNeighbours-style soap opera spoofed in Red Dwarf when the crew first met beige-bonced Kryten.

Androids eh? Designed to do either trivial jobs or those too dangerous for mere humans, androids are always causing bother, intentionally or otherwise. When an android walks into a bar it’s it’s only a matter of time before they’re asking questions about humanity, provoking existential angst or accidentally killing everyone. Read more over at SFX…

SFX REVIEW: Revolution 1.11 “The Stand”

I’ve only ever done it in videos games, but there’s something particularity satisfying about watching a helicopter shot out of the sky with a rocket launcher then falling to the ground with a large explosion. Revolution knows this. The show has done well enough do earn a full season and with a UK air date now confirmed later this month, now is a good time to get on board. Read more over at SFX…

BLOG Will Fringe Have To Make Graveyard changes?



BLOG Will Fringe Have To Make Graveyard changes?.

I was pleased as punch at the news Fringe got renewed for a fourth season, as I’m sure were its stars after having the show was moved/dumped to a slot in the US schedules on Friday night which had a particular reputation for killing off any show which was put there. Read more…

Theme’s Meme’s and Edinburgh Scheme’s

My ego has been well and truly fluffed. I’ve just been into the Manchester Comedy Store to see my portrait on the wall as part of their new ongoing exhibition. It’s a mix of old and new acts they’ve included for their 1st ‘rotation’and I’m sitting next to Toby Hadoke.
Blimey! Literally as I’m writing this I’m sitting next to two women in the snug of the Lass to write, they started talking about the new stuff night at the  Store and how it’s a good place to go to find out what makes people laugh. Well I suppose they have a point.
I’ve not blogged for my own site in ages, as most of my outpourings  gets pushed down the SFX website shaped pipe, which I dont mind at all as is a lot of fun to do and has infinitely more hits than my own site. They’ve just had a re-jig with their bloggers, bringing in osme new blood in prep for the new design re-launch in April.
Last fortnight my Edinburgh venue got confirmed which is 5.20pm at the Just the Tonic  caves for “Danny Pensive’s Map of Britain”, stick that in your diaries if you’re up in Edinburgh during August. I’ve even sent a letter to Gloverall, the people who make rather posh duffle coats to see if they’d be interested in sponsoring the show, not heard anything back yet.
This year will be my fourth Edinburgh, and second solo show after 2008’s “30 year itch” and this time I’m pushing the financial boat out doing a proper ticketed show, so hopefully the last few years of generating a following for Danny Pensive will pay off.
From experience, the best way to put a show together for Edinburgh and get those all important bums on seats is to find a theme the folk can easily relate to, but don’t straitjacket yourself with somthing that ties all the show into one subject, and always do somthing different at the 40 min mark, adivce from Jas Cook. “Danny Pensive’s Map of Britain” is aiming to be that thing. There’s a map in it, so at least it’s factually correct.