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Best Job in the World #21 – Edinburgh Punters

best job in the world #21

What a wonderful place Edinburgh is at festival time. Full of happy people, mad people, money men and meltdowns. This is the 1st in a series for August, ‘Why-I-Spy’. See if you can spot ’em.

Best Job in the World #16 Car Share Comradery

bjitw16 Car share Comradery

Do you know anyone who works for The Skinny, FestMag, Three Weeks or on one of the other Edinburgh festival print magazines? Would it be cool to see new strips in print in their periodicals during the fest? I think so. Share, follow and poke these strips as much as you like.

Oh, and I’ve not skipped a number. #16 is out the somewhere, just need to track it down,

Best Job in the World #9


Oh Edinburgh Festival, how I love thee. Offering mild tough love in exchange for money.

This one’s quite detailed. Luckily of you want to pore over it you can see a higher resolution version by getting asking me nicely, or if you really really like it and know someone going to Edinburgh, you can order is as a piece of print artwork from this link.

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