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Comedysportz returns to Manchester

Great news to see Comedysportz back in Manchester. It’s been a long time since the last regular show at the Comedy Store, and now returning to the lovely new theatre space 53 TWO just off Deansgate lock feels just right.

Comedysportz returns to Manchester
Comedysportz returns to Manchester




The regular monthly show in Sale Waterside has been selling out the last few months, with over 100 inlast month. So, March 5th, stick it in the diary and bring the whole family.

Patrick Short | Improv for Training

Plan as much as you can, then prepare to throw the plan overboard.

Patrick has worked in the improv industry for over thirty years. In this interview we chat about early days of his career, taking improv training into Silicon Valley,  the changes he’s observed in the industry and how he prepares for a training event.

He’s the owner of ComedySportz Portland, Oregon and has led workshops for over 500 organizations including Apple and Nike. (Pronounced ‘Ni-key, not ‘Nike as I say in the podcast).


Bullet Points:

  • Prepare lots, but roll with it.
  • Pitching; start the conversation again.
  • This bear will kill people – when to walk away.

www.portlandcomedy.com | Patrick on Linkedin

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Photo Shoot preview 2016

Got some new publicity photos done for Danny Pensive and my own mug. Main reason was because all my old stuff look really old and club promoters need good up to date images, and I look very different from this time last year. Yes, that’s the reason. Not rubbing my own self inflated ego like an attention deprived five year old who’s just discovered felt tips shouting ‘look what I did’ to any passing adult as they draw dinosaurs on the wallpaper. One day I’ll get rumbled. “What a nice guy John is”. Yeah, and the rest.

Massive thanks for photographer Andy Hollingworth for fitting me in before Christmas. Here’s a sneaky peek at a few pics from the shoot…