Mashed Potato.

I love instant mashed potato, but when I buy a little pot snack of dried mash I always end up putting too much water in because the fill level indicator is on the outside of the pot, making the delicious snack all watery and unpalatable. Pot noodle have had the design solution for years where the fill level is part of the design, where the tub goes wider at the top, so it’s obvious on both the inside and the outside where the fill level is, but no one else is doing that.

It’s quite an obvious thing so I can only assume that the pot noodle company have patented the design of the fill level indicator, and in doing so made it more dangerous for everyone as the only way to see the fill level indicator is to hold the pot up to the light, which increases the difficulty of pouring the boiling water in and possibly burning yourself. As pot noodle don’t make instant mashed potato, I think any copyright they have on the fill level indicator should be removed for potato based products so I can enjoy my mashed potato safely.

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